About Emma-Jane

Emma-Jane was the face of The Wellbeing Show for That’s TV (2013-2017). She is a presenter for Mid-Morning Matters with Marlow FM 97.5 Radio.

Published Book 2018: Don’t Hold Back available from Amazon. Her personal story of struggle and hardship covered in her book entitled ‘Don’t Hold Back’ available on Amazon as paperback or kindle, has given her the positive tools and focus she needed to fight back; to create a power house of strength; compassion and dedication to living.

A passionate and authentic speaker with relatable clear messages keeping her audiences engaged by her genuine and insightful knowledge. She spoke at The House of Commons in 2019 and was highly recommended by Sarah Burns, MBE

Emma-Jane is passionate about supporting people in business & in life. Through her work she is proud to use her platform to speak and share her positive messages achieved in life. She writes regularly for various social media platforms as well as media connections & publications.

She is exceedingly inspiring and motivating to all who work with her. Using her own powerful journey, she brings positivity to her work and allows her audience the much needed mental and emotional freedom to live life the way they need to both personally and professionally. Her mission is to support anyone going through difficult times, to give back her own platform and encourage others to use their voice, to face their fears and share real life stories to support those suffering in silence, especially Young Voices.